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SANAC Coordinating Committee members. We will fight to the end.

We appointed the SANAC Board of Trustees as the legal entity of South African Aids Council bringing together government, civil society & the private sector to create a collective response to #HIV and STIs in South Africa. The board is also responsible for the governance of the secretariat.

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Gonondo at the SABC Chatroom show.

This week in The Chatroom, Zinhle Mkhwanazi, has an issue she needs help with. She says her beau wants to marry her but he wants a little bambino first before putting a ring on her finger.

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Gogo Sheila Mbele presenting at UNISA

The need to cleanse and heal from post civil war or trauma in Afrikan Spirituality and healing.

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Commissioner and traditional healer South Africa

It’s Father’s Day on The Chatroom this week and single father Nkosinathi Dyasi, wants to know if it's okay for him to raise his daughter by himself. Some people are telling him it’s ill-advised for a girl child not to have a maternal figure.

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Gonondo aka GG singing and praying with Mkhulu Credo Mutwa

Gonondo offering a prayer for healing South Africa and Africa as well as safe journey back home to Mkhulu Credo Mutwa

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I am the soul that existed before to be Reborn again in this life time: I was always Here and Now!

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