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Gonondo Sheila Mbele-Khama celebrating African traditional medicine day with Ilungelo Elakho (SABC Program)

Lichinga, Niassa, 30-31 Aug 2013 – The dirt road leading to the machamba in Machomane outside Lichinga city (22Km) is dry and dusty. Though the road is quiet, the machamba is very different that usually. The machamba is bustling with dancing women in colourful capulanas and men playing drums. The crowd is awaiting the arrival of the Vice-Minister for Health, Dr Nazira Vali Abdula. Among the participants is Dr Felisbela Gaspar, Director of the Institute for Traditional Medicine, in the Ministry of Health established four years ago in 2009.

“The call for self regulation of traditional healing, like all health practitioners in South Africa.”
Gonondo Sheila Mbele-Khama

This is an important day for us, says Dr. Gaspar.

We are here to celebrate the role of traditional medicine and the inauguration of 200 acres of land for the sustainable production of plants and agricultural products used by traditional practitioners. Traditional medicine plays a significant role in Mozambique. Around three out of four Mozambicans seek traditional medicine before institutionalised care when facing a health problem. Lichinga city alone hosts 32 medics and over 2000 traditional practitioners.

Gonondo Sheila Mbele-Khama on the show, Father’s Day on The Chatroom this week 19 June 2016 and single father Nkosinathi Dyasi, wants to know if it's okay for him to raise his daughter by himself. Some people are telling him it’s ill-advised for a girl child not to have a maternal figure. He's in The Chatroom with subject experts to get to the bottom.

Gonondo Sheila Mbele-Khama CRL Rights Commissioner

I am a trained African High Priestess Shaman or Healer (Sangoma) and practising for more than 16 years. I works as Commissioner on issues of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Rights of Communities. I have years of experience working in the field of African Traditional Medicine and herbs, African Spirituality, African Culture and Practises. I lecture on holistic herbalism approach. I am doing television and radio talks on African Traditions, Customs and Cultural issues. I conduct African Traditional Health initiations (Ukuthwasisa) as a Rite of Passage, also a member of the South African AIDS Council. I have been nominated amongst the Top 100 Women of South Africa in 2010 by the Mail and Guardian Magazine.

Healers conduct anti-xeno cleansing and healing in Alex as part of nationwide

The ceremony facilitated by the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CLR) included an early morning cleansing of the site where Mozambican Emmanuel Sithole was murdered on 18 April by four youths now behind bars. The CLR chairperson Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva said the country needs healing from the horrific and shameful xenophobia. “The cleansing is to say no to the killings and hatred which must be replaced with peace and love for fellow men, sisters, mothers, fathers and children of the African continent.”. . May 1, 2015

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